Monday, May 25, 2009

2nd Month on Clomid

Obviously since I'm writing this post, the first round of Clomid was unsuccessful and so this will be my second month on Clomid.

I'm on Day 9 so I've just finished the last pill for this month and now it's fingers crossed!

Remember last post I talked about how I was watching Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View talking about her new Gluten Free Diet Book, well I went gluten free about a month ago now and I'm actually feeling quite fantastic.

And get this ... I normally have very painful periods that last for around 6 to 7 days. This month I had NO PAIN and it only lasted 4 to 5 days. Huh? Isn't that like normal?

And ... I used to get lower back pain and bloating which I just thought were normal everyday aches and pains. Since going gluten free they are gone ..

Why that is I have no idea, perhaps my back pain was caused by bloating/wind pressing on my spine? I really cannot explain it.

What if ... What if ... the bloating was somehow compressing my uterus or something and preventing me falling pregnant? Of course I have absolutely no proof and I'm not pregnant yet so it's all just conjecture at this stage.

Isn't it funny how you analyse the littlest things when you have been trying to conceive forever. LOL

Anyway - just thought I'd give you all an update. Baby dust to all.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say I'm reading your blog and keeping my fingers crossed for you! I'm also experiencing problems conceiving - have been trying for my 1st one for 10 months now. But well, hope never dies. Baby dust! :)

Admin said...

Hi J,

Thanks so much! Good luck for you too - hope it happens really soon.


Lorna said...

Hi Again,

Sorry to hear that the clomid hasn't worked first time around..Bummer!!!

Here's to the next round.
I'm now taken high dosage of Omega 3 and vit B6. aFTER 18 months of ivf and IUI we have stopped and just trying by ourselves once again!

Good luck