Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1st Round of Clomid

I started the Clomid this month on days 5 - 9 (I'm currently on day 14 of my cycle). I'm taking just 50mg to start with to see what happens. I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I've heard some horror stories about how people felt on the Clomid.

These are the symptoms that I had:

On the first two days (so days 5 & 6) I was very emotional and teary. Much worse than regular PMS. I was crying at ads on TV over random comments people made. But I figured it must be due to the Clomid so I didn't pay attention. The last three days of taking it I didn't have any symptoms at all, so I guess my body got used to it pretty quick.

I have noticed that my cervical mucus is all over the shop. According to the OPK's I haven't ovulated yet, but I've had lots of ewcm.

I was surprised at that because I had heard that your cm dries up on Clomid, but I seem to have more than normal. Odd. (but good).

My partner is due to do his sperm test next week. He originally scheduled it for today but I told him he had to change it because I'll probably be ovulating soon (fingers crossed). We've been having sex every few days anyway just in case the OPK's never go positive.

I haven't been charting for a few months because I found it just too stressful and I tend to obsess over every little temperature rise or dip. I'd rather just wait and see at the end of the two week wait rather than obsess each day.

Anyway that's where I am this month, hope you are all having great baby luck.


P.S. I was just watching The View and Elizabeth Hasselbeck was talking about how as soon as she changed to a Gluten Free diet she fell pregnant. Interesting. I might have to get a copy of her new book and check it out.


Lyds said...

Good luck, I am on my first cycle of clomid too although a couple of weeks ahead of you, kept crying at the telly and hot flushes as well, hilarious!

Lorna said...

Good luck with everything and your partners tests.
I was interesting to read and sounded so much like ME!!!! lol

18 months later and we are still trying..( Sigh )

Take care