Monday, December 29, 2008

Lap & Dye - Recovery

So I had the Laproscopy & Dye last Monday. To say I was freaking out was an understatement - I was petrified.

I went and got all my long hair cut off really short. Pink short. It suits Pink, it doesn't really suit me. Isn't it funny what some people do to their appearance when their insides are freaking out.

Anyway I arrive at the hospital and the doctors and nurses all fuss over me as they should. I didn't see my gyno before the op though. I was so scared I was nearly crying so I was given a sedative to calm my nerves. Pretty much after that they put in the general anaesthetic and I was asleep.

I wake up later and I'm very groggy. Apparently my gyno had already come and told me all about the operation but I can't remember that conversation for jack. I kept asking the nurses how it went and all I got was 'It went fine'. Yeah but what does that MEAN? WHAT is fine???

It took two days before I finally got hold of my doctor. She was very busy coming up to Christmas I guess. Anyway I got told that I had hardly any endometrosis after all. There was a tiny bit at the back of my uterus attached to my back bone, but certainly not enough to affect my fertility.

She did say that she had a hard time getting the dye up my cervix because it was all hard and wouldn't open up. She thinks that there was a bit of scar tissue there blocking the entrance which is probably cleared now by her poking and prodding. [fingers crossed]

She told me to try for the next three months and see what happens but everything else looked healthy and good, no blockages or anything. My hormones were also all ok.

I guess from here I just see what happens. If there was a small bit of scar tissue blocking the entrance to my cervix then that would make sense - no sperm could get up there. Hopefully that is all cleared now.

It's been a week since the operation and I'm still sore. I would have recovered sooner but my boyfriend had a fender bender the other day and my abdomin is all sore again where the belt was across my lap. Bloody Idiot. :)

Fingers crossed.

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