Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fertility Doctor Appointment

Today was the day I visited my gyno for a fertility appointment. For some reason I was just expecting to get a prescription for Clomid but instead my doc is a lot smarter than me.

She suspects, STRONGLY suspects, that I have endometriosis. Just lovely.

I'm booked in for a laproscopy in 2 weeks which I'm slightly (a lot) freaking out about. I mean who wants a tiny camera poked through their belly button and little scissor things anywhere near your fallopian tubes? But I'm sure it's important so I agreed and we are booked in. I'm also getting that dye thing at the same time where they squirt dye through your tubes to see if there are any blockages. Did I mention I'm freaking out?

She also ordered some hormone tests to make sure that my hormone function is ok.

On a positive note (me trying not to freak out) she did say that after the lap and dye that my chances of falling pregnant in the following three months are VERY good.

Let's hope so.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I assume it must be a suprise to have them say it might be endometriosis. I have my first appointment at start Jan and have had same symptoms as you for last 18 months, also assuming they would give me Clomid for short luteal phase/late ovulation, will see what they have to say!