Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shall I try Soy Isoflavones - Third time lucky?


I had high hopes for last cycle especially when I had lots of EWCM and my luteal phase went beyond my usual 10 days (12 day luteal phase! That's fantastic).

Although AF arrived signalling that yet again I am not pregnant.

I'm now wondering what to try this time around that I haven't tried before - it seems I've tried everything natural or home remedy/wives tale but it still hasn't worked. Now I do have an appt with my gyno next month to discuss fertility issues so this cycle is my last - trying on my own - cycle and I'm wondering if I bother doing anything at all?

Do I try Soy again at a higher dose?
Back to Dong Quai?
Pre-natal Vits?
Naturopath concoction (yuk)

Or do I just do nothing at all?

I'm actually tempted to just do nothing. Take it easy. Take a break from TTC until next month after I see the doc ..

I'm so sick of swallowing pills, exercising, eating certain foods, drinking green tea (actually I like drinking green tea so I'll continue doing this one) that I just might be normal for a month.

Ok decided thats what I'll do - nothing. Maybe I'll even have sex just for the fun of it! Now there's a concept. :)


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog the other day and LOVE the humour you put into this whole fertility challenge thing. I'm in it too...although I'm an old broad coming in at age 42 trying to conceive #2.

Good luck to you. I like your idea to do nothing this month. Go ahead and take a break. I'm going to do the same in December.

Auntie Dita said...

You give me hope!

Anonymous said...

Nice really helps to keep everythign under the same roof....after trying abt everything under the sun I kind of forget what I took when and why !!! well i am ttc for my #1 for abt 7 months now n have tried a bunch of things....n m so tired..i kno exactly how u feel! It a good idea trying soy iso but if it does n't help n u do take a break i suggest trying pre-seed n just bding for a month. its a sperm firnedly lubricant (that feels good!!!)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and it is brilliant! We have a consultant appointment in a few weeks too and have been TTC no.1 for about 18 months. I enjoyed reading about the different ways that could extend your luteal phase and wish I had known about them to try earlier... Good luck and keep letting us know how it is all going.

Tracey said...

Hey thanks so much everyone! My appt with the doc is on Tuesday (and AF is due this weekend) so fingers crossed I have to cancel the appt! LOL.

Baby dust to everyone else who is trying.