Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Midway Through Soy Cycle

CD15 - I had a temperature dip today so hopefully that means that I'm just about to pop out an egg. This cycle I took soy isoflavones on Day 3-7 to see if that helps boost my fertility. Fingers crossed.

My friend has just started on Clomid and I'm thinking that unfortunately that might be the next step for me. I really wanted to do this naturally and holistically but it has now been over 18 months of trying to conceive and it just isn't happening. Sigh!

I have heard such awful reports about Clomid and it's side effects but it does work for a lot of women so maybe I'll have to go with Western medicine after all. After this cycle is over I'll call a gyno to make an appointment.


soyshope said...

I went to a naturapath mid last year and recall her saying to have glass of soya milk every day, and i wasn't sure why but I did fallpreg the next month but miscar soon after, I wasn't sure how much to take and then my sister put me off it so if you have any info on how my soya milk to drink and for how lnog it would be great.

kate said...

hey there - don't be scared of Clomid. Thousands of people take it quite happily - just make sure you discuss all your concerns with yuor GP (if you get to that) and start on a low dose so you can see how you respond. Personally after 12 months ttc (and at least one 'blighted ovum' caused almost certainly by my late ovulation issues) I started on 25mg and it didn't have any impact, but after upping it to 50, i ovulated much earlier and success! My son has just turned one, we're starting ttc and after a few late ovulating cycles, I'm going straight to the Clomid again. Hope you get lots of success soon (whatever way you end up getting there). Babydust.

Tracey said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the info! I've booked in to see my doc next month - fingers crossed.

Also congrats on your success! That's really inspiring.