Friday, July 25, 2008

Dong Quai vs Vitex

I was speaking to a new naturopath last week and was telling him that Vitex doesn't seem to do much for me in balancing my cycle.

He suggested that I try Dong Quai instead as often women that Vitex doesn't seem to work for have better success with Dong Quai.

So if Vitex (Angus Castus - Chasteberry) isn't working for you then try Dong Quai and see if it helps.

I've just started my Dong Quai so I'll let you know how it goes.

P.S. He also said NOT to take BOTH Dong Quai and Vitex as they cancel each other out!


Anonymous said...

hi, did Don Quai make you ovulate early?

I have been drinking 'Female Toner' tea by Terravita and taking a Don Quai blend tab called 'Women's Treasure", i think. I took only a few. The tea I was drinking for some days and I find myself surging on CD10. I have never surged so early.

Does it increase blood flow which in return makes bigger follies early on?

Thanks and baby dust!

America said...

hi, i am so thankful for your blog!!
i only wish all those claiming to be able to help people concieve for money stop taking advantage of people's despiration!!
i am certain that after i get my bfp i will do all i can to help pple ttc in every way i can free, afterall God gives the gift of conception free. lets just live a healthy life and ensure that we share all the information we get to help each other. baby dusts!!

America said...

For all those not having sufficient cm(cervical mucor)( i beg ur pardon; just tryn to keep it real); ensure you get a dose of evening primeroseoil from day1 of AF to day of ovulation after ovulation stop eveningpr oil and begin flaxseed oil. flaxseed oil plays a vital role in female fertility so ive learnt recently. I am buying flaxseed oil today to begin usage after ovulation and fingers crossed. Also has anyone been using pre seed lubricant or sasmar concieve plus? if you have; please review. thanks. good luck to us all!

Anonymous said...

I saw the comment about Vitex vs Dong Quai. If they were to cancel each other out than why do they put them together in Fertilaid and Fertilplus ? They work together if you ask me . Vitex helps PMS and Menopause and helps to regulate periods from what I have experienced and Dong Quai does help regulate cycle,and Menopause as well, but it also helps women with anemia and low iron issues, also it helps to restore blood flow to the Uterus and Pelvic Region,and not to take it during your period . If you take blood thinners like Aspirin or Warfarin etc, then you should not use Dong Quai. This is only my opinion

Anonymous said...

I got a spell from mia I hope that it works I did everything there was 2 do its been almost a month and NOTHING yet if it happens I will post and let everyone know and Im sorry to hear about all of you whose spells didnt work:(