Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cycle is nearly over ..

I haven't been writing as much in my blog this cycle, because I really didn't know what to say. It seems that every cycle is the same old thing ... I get my hopes up and then they are dashed with AF shows up.

So I wanted a break from worrying about things and just get on with things to see if that made a difference to how I felt.

My answer: not really! I guess then I've disproved the whole theory that getting yourself all worked up over trying to conceive (not that I thought I was anyway) will help you fall pregnant.

My temperature dip yesterday would seem that I am out of the running this month anyway. I am expecting AF any second (I keep rushing to the bathroom waiting to see her) but it will probably happen tonight. Why does she always arrive a night time? Very inconsiderate!!

I did however notice a few changes to my cycle in terms of the amount of CM that I produced this month. I had FOUR DAYS of fertile quality CM!! I have never had that much in my life. That leads me to believe that the herbs I am taking now are making a difference so I will continue them next month as well.

My luteal phase however doesn't seem to have lengthened any. Maybe I haven't been using enough Wild Yam cream? (The Wild Yam Cream also contains Vitex in it). I might up the amount next month to see if that helps.

Anyway thanks to everyone who reads my blog and is rooting for me. Good luck with all your ttc journeys too.


Melinda said...

Same here.... although I have also noticed changes since starting the chinese herbs and acupuncture. I've had ten sessions so far, and am now having just one session a week. Still on the herbs indefinately. I found an article you might be interested in http://editor.nourishedmagazine.com.au/articles/june-editorial-a-nourished-pregnancy

Good luck! Mel

Anonymous said...

I have a short luteal phase do and I go to acupuncture. I had my 11th session yesterday. are you still continuing to acupuncture?


Tracey said...

Hi Erin,

I haven't had acupuncture for a while as it was getting too expensive ($60 a session).

How is it going for you? Notice any changes?


Melinda said...

I'm not Erin, but I can answer for myself.

I've been having acupuncture, tunia (sp?) massage and chinese herbs for nearly three months. Twice a week for the first four weeks and weekly thereafter.

My Dr told me that it takes about three months for the body to stabilise and see results. I've noticed that my temps are better, more of a jump at ovulation and at a regular temp, not all over the place.

I don't have a short LP, however I previously (for years!) had spotting for the last eight days of my cycle, the endometrium was breaking down too early. In the last few months, that has almost disappeared. I had some for two days last month, however I also wasn't taking my herbs or having acupuncture for two weeks as I had viral bronchitis!

In myself, I feel heaps better than I have done for years. I don't have pms as badly, pain is somewhat reduced and the flow is healthier looking. (not going into too much detail there!). I also take Chaste Tree and Black Cohosh.

It costs me $136 per week, $36 for 1/2 hour massage, $36 for 1/2 hour acupuncture and $60 for the herbs. They are the foulest thing I have ever tasted!

Yes, it's expensive. To me the money is worth it though. I plan to continue for another three months and then see what's happening and whether I'll continue or not.

Anonymous said...

this is my 2nd month with acupuncture. (Had my 11th session on Wednesday. I have very long (35+ day) and irregular cycles. I also ovulate very late (around 20-26) Currently, she is working to shorten my cycle and bring my ovulation day to 13-14.

The basic change I noticed is that I had no PMS this cycle and no cramping at all! usually I get very very bad backaches, this month, the pain was so light that I could actually go hiking. the flow was better but I still had spotting before my period started and I had clots too. she says these will improve in 3 months. so we will see.

I also have a lot more energy and I'm lovin' it :)

I take herbs too. I just strated a new one to lower my prolactin. Today is my 8th cycle day, we will see what happens this month.

I go twice a week and it is $60 per session. I pay around $40 for herbs.

Melinda, keep us updated :)


Tracey said...

I did do acupuncture for 3 cycles and while I did notice a slight difference in my cycles, I didn't fall pregnant during that time (obviously ;).

I certainly would try acupuncture again in the future, although will probably change acupuncturists to someone who specialises in fertility issues (the one I went to just did general acupuncture).

Anonymous said...


I think it is a good idea to give acupuncture another chance. But you have to be patient. It requires time to be effective, it is not like drugs, your body needs to adjust to it.

also, definitely go to someone who specializes in infertility. even someone who was trained in China would be better. Let me know how it goes!