Friday, May 2, 2008

I want to Pee On A Stick!

CD26 - Not sure what day past ovulation I am.

I might disagree with the day that Fertility Friend has indicated that they think I ovulated this month. They have indicated that I ovulated on CD18 (which would make me 8dpo) however, I suspect that I probably ovulated on day 16 instead (then I would be 10dpo).

I don't know - Which day do you think?

I'm just not a patient person at all, so I want to start peeing on sticks (pregnancy type sticks of course, not the ones out in the garden) to find out one way or another. I think I'll wait and see what my temperature does tomorrow and then decide.

Does anyone actually stay sane in the two week wait?

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Melinda said...

I've only just seen this today, so obviously what I'm going to say is a bit late for next cycle. I would go on your opk results etc. I have disagreed with fertility friend a few times now based on temps, cm and position, and I've been right.

Yes, I stay sane in the tww, however I've been waiting a lot longer than you have! I think when the day comes that I get a + result I'll probably have a heart attack! LOL!

Good luck for this next cycle!