Friday, May 9, 2008

Fertility Spells - Do they work?

I was so sure that my last cycle was going to be successful that I was in a bit of shock when AF turned up right on time.

So in a mad act of desperation I started searching the web for new alternative ways to fall pregnant and came across of bunch of ladies talking about a fertility spell that they had purchased on eBay.

My first reaction was that they were crazy and how dare someone take advantage of someone's longing for a child by offering false hope, but the more I read the more intrigued I became since many of the ladies did in fact seem to be falling pregnant. Was it a co-incidence or was the spell actually working?

So in the interests of science and my own curiosity I have purchased a spell of this 'white witch' who almost guarantee's that you will fall pregnant within 3 months of her casting the spell. I've spent so much money on other ways such as acupuncture, herbs, books etc, whats another $20 right!?

I still remain somewhat skeptical, but hey, it can't be any worse than when I tried the egg white lubricant!!

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Did you try the Fertility Spell?

If you're a true believer they DO work.

Tracey said...

I did indeed!

Didn't work for my first month, and by the looks of my temps it hasn't worked this cycle either. It is supposed to take effect within three months, so fingers crossed for next months cycle!

Anonymous said...

i just got my spell off e bay too1 for $20 witha white magic too. i have been trying 4 nine years cant afford ivf did try insimination and rings , stones herbs legs in air and butt lol good luck to you! she did say after6 months she will keep casting i just hope this one works 4 eveyone who has a lot of love to give deep in thier hearts ! thanks 4 readind

Anonymous said...

i just purchased a fertlity spell on ebay and have fingers crossed that this is going to work. spell was cast for twins. ive been trying for 6 years and can't wait. i was diagnosed over a year ago with pcos and the day she cast the spell was 10/15. my ovaries were cramping bad that day and my period suddenly came on. i have irregular periods and my last recorded period was in march. ill keep you updated but curious to know who else has done this and what the results are?

Tracey said...

It didn't work for me. It's been five months and still not pregnant. I think it was a waste of my money.

Donielle said...

i bought one and it didnt work and still wear the charm ,bought another one recently and just followed instructions and will find out soon i guess if its another loss of money but i believe i my heart i really do ; )

Anonymous said...

Im so desperate for a baby I cnt find white witch on ebay n everything I press isnt avaiable ne more idk wat to do

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Ladies!! This is a very scary thing to play with. I understand about TTC, truly I do, it took us 13yrs for our miracle baby but I always had hope. You are "inviting" witchcraft into yourselves literally. I remember my priest telling me that "we are not entitled to babies but instead they are a gift from God who in his great loving wisdom bestows on His children at His discretion". I'll admit I wasn't thrilled to hear that but it's true and made sense the more I pondered it and I accepted it. After all looking back at my marriage & finances during those yrs ttc it would have been a struggle, my DH and I are in a much better place now both in our marriage/love and finances (not rich but making it) that I'm able to be a SAHM (very conservatively). Trust that God the Father will see into your hearts and ponder your journey and ask Him for strength and insight. :) God Bless!