Friday, April 18, 2008

CD12 - High Pre-Ovulation Temps continue

Well my slightly higher temps in the pre-ovulation phase have continued as you can see in my fertility friend chart. Previously my temps were in the 36.0/36.1 Celsius range, but since following some of the diet advice and stimulating some of the acupressure points from the book The Infertility Cure I have noticed an increase of around 0.1/0.2 degrees this cycle.

Things from the book that I have been doing:
* slight change to diet,
* heating my lower belly with a heating pad to 'warm up' the uterus and thus increase circulation.
* Taking a baby aspirin (again to thin the blood and increase circulation),
* stimulating certain acupressure points (just massaging the spots indicated from the book according to my condition).

I'm very interested to see when I ovulate this cycle. I'm really hoping that it will make a difference and that I ovulate closer to day 14 than my usual day 17.

Another thing I've noticed this cycle is that I have an increased sexual drive as well, and that's got to help things along!

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