Saturday, March 8, 2008

Temp Dip at 6dpo

Today I had a temperature dip at 6dpo. I'm not sure if it's a little bit early for implantation, or it's just the second estrogen surge that is supposed to happen in the second half of normal cycles?

I guess only time will tell.

Had another acupuncture treatment today and my acupuncturist said that I was really bloated around the abdomen and she said that she thinks that I might be ovulating right now. Huh? I don't think so, not if you look at my temps. She also said that you can ovulate for more than one day, often up to a week.

I thought that ovulation was when the egg was released, how can that happen for more than one day? Maybe I misinterpreted what she said, but I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about ttc!


Melinda said...

I think you're right and your acupuncturist is wrong. Ovulation is when the egg is released. Unless she (he?) is talking about the time it takes for the follicle to develop to the point the egg is released, but that's not ovulation.

Did you take your temp at the normal time? Taking it earlier will result in a lower temp I've found. Wait and see.... Good luck!

Tracey said...

Hi Melinda,

I agree, I have no idea what the acupuncturist meant!

Take care,