Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm fertile today!

I'm feeling frustrated. Today I'm super fertile; great looking CM, OPK's + etc, but I can't do anything about it!

2 Days ago my hubby had to go in for a knee operation, he is back home now but on drugs and certainly in no condition to do any baby dancing.

I suggested he just 'lie there' but he is concerned that the drugs he is on might damage his sperm and therefore any little embryo's we might make. Which is a valid concern - but to someone trying to conceive it is still a little frustrating.

Let's just hope that next month I have the same fertility.


Melinda said...

Sperm take 75+ days to develop, so them swimmers have been growing for awhile! The drugs he's on would affect the fluid they are in though, which could well reduce their motility and lifetime. The fluid is produced on a daily basis.

Last year for four cycles the army sent my DH away right at the fertile time. I was getting really peeved at it!

Tracey said...

Didn't the army know that you needed your DH's troops? Laughing.

I'd be peeved too if that kept happening.