Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Dancing Lying Down

I did manage to talk my DH into baby dancing afterall. Of course all he could do was lie there, which isn't the best position for baby making, but much better than no sex at all.

I had another acupuncture session this morning. She said that I should be right now, but I can come back next month for a session or two if I want (and haven't fallen pregnant by then).

She said that my problem wasn't fertilising the egg, but rather in implantation and/or holding on to the baby. That's pretty obvious with a luteal phase as short as mine. Imagine if nearly every month I have been getting pregnant but my body keeps dropping the fertilised egg! Arrgh how frustrating.

Fingers crossed that the acupuncture (and vitex) help lengthen my luteal phase long enough for the pregnancy to hold (if it occurred of course).

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PINEAPPLE CORE! I ate pineapple with the core (you can't eat the core by itself, it's disgusting and hard)to help with implantation when I was TTC. Something about making your uterus lining more cushy. Try it, it's worth a shot!

I also drank green tea and took red raspberry leaf and evening primrose. All three from end of AF to ovulation. The pineapple can continue through the whole cycle.

Now I can't really say if these things helped or it was just the right time for it to happen but I don't think any of them can hurt to try. It was my 3rd cycle TTC and my first cycle with all these fancy things so I believe they helped.