Friday, February 29, 2008

Chinese Herbs, Ovulation & Acupuncture

I'm due to ovulate any day now (currently on cd15). It will be interesting to see which day I ovulate now that I'm doing acupuncture and taking the Chinese Herbs. It might even happen today - who knows.

My poor dear partner hurt his knee at soccer last weekend and let me say that it's making sex rather more difficult. Obviously he can't put any pressure on it so that limits the positions we are getting into this month. I hope that doesn't impare our baby-making chances.

Other than that I'm actually feeling really good. I think the herbs are giving me more energy, I don't seem as run down in the evenings as I used to either which is good.

I have another acupuncture appointment tomorrow so I'll update you after that or when I ovulate.

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