Friday, February 8, 2008

"Are you pregnant yet?" "Relax it will happen"

I have to say that I'm sick of people asking me if I am pregnant yet. Oh I know that it is partly my fault because a few of my friends know that I'm trying, but do they realise that this places a lot of stress on you.

It is even worse from those friends who found it easy to fall pregnant who all of a sudden think that they are experts at fertility. Offering such wisdom as 'just relax' or my favorite 'just have sex when you ovulate, you'll be fine'!

Sigh, I really wish it were as easy as that ...

Anyway on a positive note, it seems that I ovulated on Day 16 this cycle. Wow, that's nearly normal! Much better than my Day 20 months. I wonder if the new vitamins I'm taking have anything to do with it?

Anyway have your friends offered you any advice on falling pregnant? I'd love to hear them! Post your comment by clicking on the comments tag below.


Melinda said...

"Just relax and it'll happen" Um, sure, are you saying that in 2 1/2 years of ttc I haven't been relaxed once?
"Are you having intercourse" Well, gosh no, do I have to do that??? Yes, I really did reply that!
"So, are you pregnant yet" Sure I am, I just haven't bothered to tell you yet! That was from one of my best friends, who is not known for her tact.

Now, I just tell people that I prefer they don't ask, I will tell them when/if there is anything to tell! If I need to talk, I will start the conversation.

Future Mommy said...

Yeah, the "just relax" advice drives me nuts. In fact...I just got that advice from my husband last night. He told me that he thinks I stress too much (over everything, not just TTC) and that if I'd just learn how to relax, everything will work out. ARGH!

Thanks for visiting me! I'm glad to visit you back. May I add you to my blog roll?

Tracey said...

future mommy - thanks for visiting! Yes add my to your blog roll and I'll do the same for you.

Anonymous said...

i get the same way. I do feel pressured and I do want to have children, but i'm not sure why i can't. That and people asking all the time is such a pain!

Jill said...

I want to slap people when they say "just relax". I got your relaxing right here, fool.

I am over 40, I don't have freaking time to relax

Anonymous said...

I have a few favourites... one of them is about the relaxing thing which they then link to yeah you hear all the time that when people adopt and then they get pregnant straight away - yeah right - I think that happened to two people and everyone else started talking about it!!!!

Another one, oh you're having trouble getting pregnant... I know this really great... fill in the blanks... with their contact or great tip... now that it's been a few years they've stopped asking - thank goodness!!