Friday, January 25, 2008

CD6 - Laying the Foundation

I have been taking the Blackmores Conceive Well Gold now since the end of my last cycle.

So far I feel really good. I have read a few forums that have talked about how some ladies have had luck falling pregnant using the vitamin's but of course everyone seems to have luck on something or other, but it doesn't mean that it is going to work for everyone.

One of the ingredients Iodine has me intrigued since a lack of this mineral can lead to thyroid problems, and even if you have mild thyroid problems it can interfere with fertility (along with many other things). Now I have never been tested for any problems with my thyroid, and perhaps I should, but since I don't seem to have any other symptoms (other than difficulty falling pregnant) I'm not sure it applies to me.

Nevertheless it doesn't hurt to make sure you have enough Iodine.

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