Saturday, December 8, 2007

Temperature Rise - But can't be ovulation yet? (My fertility friend chart)

I had a small temp rise this morning which at first I thought was weird, because I definately wouldn't have ovulated yet (it's too early even for someone with regular cycles!), but I checked my previous chart and I had a bit of a temp rise before I ovulated on those ones as well.

Now I'm wondering if it's normal to have a temp rise just before you ovulate? I already know about temperature dip once the egg is released, but how many charts actually have a slight rise BEFORE the dip?

Looking back over my previous charts I often see a slight rise before the dip on mine. Hmm. That is weird.

Does anyone else get this unusual pattern?

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love-rich said...

I know this thread is old however I just wanted to comment that I also get the rise before the dip and was looking for information on this.