Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pregnant first time trying - no not me

Another one of my mothers group is pregnant again. First time trying. Of course I'm happy for her - good on her, but it just makes my journey all the more frustrating when I hear people falling pregnant after just trying once.

Never mind, this will be my month! I'm sure of it!

I've been taking the Pregnancy Drops consistently this time. Oh on the other three ingredients this is what I've found out:

Cimiciguga - It's actually Black Cohash (a term I'm more familiar with) No wonder I couldn't find this out before. Black Cohash helps mimick the effects of estrogen on the body to product more fertile eggs.

Sarsaparilla - Helps regulate menstrual function.

Ginko Bilboa - Linked with fertility it's great for blood circulation.

Well that's the herbs covered. I feel much more positive that they might actually work for me this time.

I'll stop them at day 14 and start taking the Vitex after that.

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