Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ovulation on Cycle Day 18

Well, the Vitex seemed to help out a little bit. I ovulated on day 18 instead of day 20. That's 2 days earlier! Not bad.

I'm kinda relieved that the egg has popped out too because I'm a little bit tired (this cycle I went for lots of BD'ing). At least DH was happy!

So I'm now officially in the 2 week wait .. tick tick tick

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Anonymous said...

I am 31 and I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 months. In just the past three months I have realized that I have probably been timing things wrong. I just got a positive opk yesterday at day 23. I think I have been ovulating between 18-21. This is my latest ovulation date. It seems from all of these posts that it may be possible for me to get pregnant even though I am ovulating late. This will be our last month trying on our own... we are seeing a specialist and getting all kinds of tests done next month. This process has been heartbreaking. I am trying to stay hopeful.