Friday, December 28, 2007

Didn't fall pregnant by Christmas

Well I guess my title says it all doesn't it. Although AF was a little nice and didn't arrive until the 26th, so my Christmas Day was AF Free.

On the positive side (and I'm trying really hard to look at the positive side), it means my luteal phase has increased to 11 days!! A little better than 7 days don't you think! That means the Vitex is definately working to lengthen my luteal phase. So now I know that I can a least definately sustain a pregnancy if the egg gets fertilized, so that's good news.

Although I'm also feeling a little guilty too. You see over Christmas I caught up with a friend of mine who has been trying to fall pregnant for over three years without success. She is currently doing IVF although none of the implants have worked yet. I would love dearly for her to have a baby, she would make a great mother. So I guess my 8 months trying is nothing in comparison to her struggle.

Anyway I'm sure you are all enjoying your post-Christmas/Holiday season and gearing up for the new year, so I'll catch you all next year (hehe - I love saying that).

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