Thursday, November 15, 2007

We are officially in Baby Making Season again!

I'm on cycle day 15 today, and that means that by law of averages, I should ovulate either tomorrow or the next day.

And as promised I'm going to try the raw egg white experiment recommended by this Pregnancy Newsletter I signed up for. Yes indeedy, the next post you will hear from me, will be my story of probably telling you how funny/cold/squishy it was. That will be an interesting post!

As an aside, one of the mothers from my mother's group, just announced that she was pregnant again. And guess what, she fell pregnant the first month of trying - don't you hate that. I tried to sound positive but I think I didn't sound very sincere. Oops, I wasn't deliberately trying to be rude, but I guess I was.

I wonder whether I should apologise to her, or just let things blow over?

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