Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Temperature dip at CD13

Not much has been happening on the fertility front. I've still been taking Vitamin B6, Evening Primrose Oil, and Folate every morning. I've also added one Vitamin C tablet every second day as I read that it helps with cervical mucus.

I have actually notices very stretchy mucus in the last day or so, and I had a temperature dip this morning, but I'm really doubting that I've ovulated this early. I took advantage of things last night though (just in case!). But I'm sure it's just a false alarm and I've still got a few more days to wait until Ms Egg decides to show herself.

I keep having a dream that I've got a baby girl. Of course I'm not even pregnant so I guess those dreams are just wishful thinking or my mind playing tricks on me. Never mind, it will happen when the universe decides it to be so.

Hope you are all having some good luck and baby dust to everyone reading this.

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