Thursday, November 29, 2007

Major Luteal Phase Defect

I could cry. I only had a luteal phase of 7 days last cycle! Nobody will be able to get pregnant with a 7 day luteal phase!! Oh dear, it looks like I'm going to have to try some drastic measures this cycle.

So instead of sitting here all crying about it I'm going to take some action.

This cycle. I'm going to take those dreaded pregnancy drops that I got from a herbalist from cd4-cd13. They taste awful. Can't remember exactly what is in it, but the main herb was dong quai, I think there was also false unicorn root too but I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, they were what helped me get pregnant with my son last time. I tried them again about six months ago but they didn't seem to work but I've still got half a bottle left so it can't hurt!

From cd14 onwards I'm going to take Vitex. I had already been taking Vitex once my ovulation was confirmed, but I read on a naturopathic fertility forum to help regulate your cycle if you ovulate late (which I do), try taking Vitex from day 14 so that it can help 'spur' ovulation to take place sooner. So that's what i'm going to do.

I'm also going to up my dose of Vitex and I don't think I was taking enough. I had only been taking one tablet daily, even though on the bottle it said you could have up to three daily. So three it is from day 14 onwards.

I'm not going to try the egg-white thing again this time, but I will drink more water and might even take Robotussin (to thin out my cervical mucus) to help with that side of things.

Phew - Come on body - last cycle to get pregnant before Christmas!

*Fingers crossed*


Roe said...

I've been trying to get pregnant too, and it really is frustrating. I have a hormonal imbalance, my period lasts for days and days, and I tested myself and I'm not ovulating. My doctor is really not helping, and keeps shoving birth control pills in my face.
I am taking Vitex now, and hoping for the best. I wish you great luck, and I'm really glad you have a blog like this.

Tracey said...

Thanks roe! Good luck with your journey too.