Saturday, November 3, 2007

Egg Whites as lubricant?

I've recently been getting emails regarding one women's Personal Path to Pregnancy. (You can sign up to her newsletter for free here: Getting Pregnant Newsletter )

Anyway one of the first tips that she sent was about using either Preseed (which is a sperm friendly lubricant) or raw egg-whites as a lubricant.

Both claim to be very good at allowing the sperm to travel to the right places to meet that elusive egg.

Now I have already heard about some women trying egg-whites to help them conceive and apparently there has been numerous success stories accompanying these rumours. Of course no-one would probably be game enough to admit to using egg-whites if they didn't fall pregnant.

There is some degree of risk of infection, but in the name of science, this cycle I've committed to trying this out for you. So around when I think I'm going to ovulate (day 17 is my average ovulation day which means I don't need to go 'egg' shopping for another 2 weeks yet) me and hubby are going to attempt the raw egg experiment.

Hmm .. I wonder how it will turn out?


dee said...

i am giving this a try tonight. Does anyone know how much to use and how?

Tracey said...

Hi Dee,

When I tried it I just used one egg. There was more than enough stuff there.

And make sure you have a towel - it's very messy!


MistyLeeAnne said...

I'm trying this method this time around. Wish me luck and send baby dust!

Tracey said...

LUCK LUCK LUCK and lots of baby dust.

I hope that sperm meets that eggy!


KRISTEN said...

Did this work for anyone??